Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Daily grind, warm clothes and card trick.

A kind Anonymous has commented with an answer to a question I posted back in August 2005 about the origins of the phrase 'The race that knows Joseph' .

1. The new website is running at work, so it is a time of fear and uncertainty. This makes a each simple routine task seem like a huge achievement.

2. Wearing summer clothes for the last time. There was a sharp nip in the air that made me feel decidely chilly under my skirts. An awful lot of people were wearing dark trousers and closed shoes, too, and I saw a few scarves. A few people were wearing sandals and short sleeves as well, but I think we all knew we were out of place, even in the golden afternoon sunshine. I'm looking forward to pulling old friends out of my winter wardrobe, and seeing what I need to buy -- a good pair of slippers; a pair of vintage-style brown leather boots with horizontal stitching across the foot; a couple more knitted frock coats; and a hat, scarf and gloves set.

3. Sitting in the window of the Guinea Butt watching a stranger teach Bluety to throw playing cards. The stranger's fly catch the wind and fly over the building opposite; or in through the window of a passing car, or across the road and into a litter bin. Bluety's land at his feet, or hit him in the face. The stranger tries to explain the trick -- it appears to be all in the wrist.