Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hunting over, woodland and babytalk.

Following the mission on Thursday -- the Three Beautiful Things Roll of Honour:

  • Christine Bourne wrote a cheering comment on a BBC Have Your Say Board -- flip back through the pages until you come to Thursday 7 September and look for Christine, New York.
  • I commented on this BBC board -- again, flip back to Thursday 7 September and look for Clare Grant, Tunbridge Wells.

Anyone else?

1. Having an offer accepted on a flat Katie and I really like.

2. Cleared woodland on a bright day. The canopy is high and the sun shines down through the haze among the tree trunks.

3. I ring Cat to firm up some arrangements for a visit, and I can hear Ellie babbling away in the background. She's trying to grab the phone so she can press the buttons.