Saturday, September 16, 2006

Phew, pider and jam pots.

1. Waking up just in time when the alarm clock fails to go off.

2. The fat spider hanging on the office window. His body is as large as a pea, and it has a white star in the middle, which makes me think he must have run away from the circus. We watch with horrid fascination as he snatches flies from the centre of his web and bundles them up in thread before sucking their blood at his leisure. Glad he's on the outside of the glass.

3. Making damson jam, and discovering that the damsons are easy to stone -- not like the last year's batch, which were so unwilling to give up their pips that I left them in. It made eating the jam a bit of a mission (but it was still very good). This year's lot are plumper, and twist apart easily once they've been slit open with a knife.