Thursday, September 21, 2006

Conker, corset and curve.

1. Finding a glossy brown conker on the ground.

2. I've lost weight (yay) and now my corset needs adjusting (boo) to avoid scandalising the wedding party. I go to Manuela's Retoucherie and Manuela and her African tailor tut over me. When I explain to him what I want to achieve with the corset. The tailor throws up his hands in horror. 'You women... you women...' He wonders how I will breathe, how I will eat. In my darker moments, I wonder too, but the thought of leaving the house with bare shoulders (bare shoulders!) and a properly secured bust soon chases this away. And the way a corset forces me to sit up and to move very elegantly. Also it is very pleasing to look down and see my bust tucked into a neat little shelf.

3. A pan of apples have been slowly cooking in my oven. Now I pour them into the jelly bag, which is suspended on the legs of a stool over a large bowl. The pulp in the bag makes a beautiful pregnant belly shape, complete with a little drip that looks like a navel.