Friday, September 08, 2006

Little deer, eclipse and drama.

1. Robert ringing me with an important annoucement. Our family has a cabinet of curiousities, which includes a very small deer leg. It's about the length of a little finger but thinner. I am happy to believe in it, -- they have something called a Mouse Deer in Malaysia -- but Bruvsie has long been unconvinced. So he was bussing through Prague last week, and having a couple of hours to waste, he went to the national museum where they had a tiny stuffed whole deer. He says he is now more willing to believe in the existence of deer with finger-sized legs.

2. There was a lunar eclipse last night, and a full moon and I saw it. There was a little shadowy bite taken out of the top of the moon as I walked home.

3. I'm really loving The House on the Strand on Radio 7. Daphne du Maurier is a mistress of the novelwriting craft. I love the way she packs in stacks of extra meaning -- the narrator can say one thing, but mean something else entirely.