Stories, our pot and G&S.

Rachel has emailed to say that she is 3bting at The Rachel Papers as part of her new year's resolutions.

1. The latest issue of Interzone is a corker -- I read it on the train on my way up to London. Pick of the bag are:
  • Into the Depths of Illuminated Seas -- a magical, angry sea fable, full of revenge and fury by Jason Sandford. It's a woman who finds the names of sailors who are to die at sea written on her body.
  • In the Harsh Glow of its Incandescent Beauty -- a story about Mercurio D. Rivera's aliens that adore humans -- an impressive depiction of the pain and self-deception that surround an affair.
  • Tyler Keevil's Hibakusha -- a man volunteers his way back to a London that has been destroyed by nuclear terrorism.

2. We go to the V&A and there in the metalwork collection is a red cast-iron casserole just like ours. "We own a design classic," I tell Nick.

3. I like to hurry through the fog to the theatre -- an evening of merriment and escapism with Gilbert and Sullivan.

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