Monday, January 18, 2010

Ephemera, showing the parents and holiday memories.

In the 3BT world last week:
1. We have put away all the wedding cards, and now the room looks spare and clean. I'm keeping all the good wishes safe, though. I still like reading over them, so I'm keeping them with the other ephemera that reminds us of the day.

2. We show Nick's parents the wedding photos. They coo over them, marvelling at how good the photographer is, and at the pictures of themselves.

3. We go to The Ghurka Restaurant on Church Road. Towards the end of the meal, a song comes on that was playing everywhere when I went to Nepal in 2001. I chatter to Nick about prayer wheels made from milk tins, and the place where fire and water come out of the same cavern, and staring blue gentians growing in dead brown grass only just uncovered by the snow.