Monday, January 04, 2010

Guilty pleasure, birch again and the homecoming.

This week I've been astonished to see the hit counter on the 3BT podcast creeping up -- thanks for listening, everyone.

I've added Outré and It's a Long Way Home to the Roll of Honour -- thank you James and Cathy.

Becoming Human and Whitney at Glimpses of Grace and Louisa Parry have all been enjoying the company of small people -- I just hope Whitney's little'un managed to get herself out of the hatbox. Plutarch has seen daffodils braving the frost. Raymond Pert has put away a burger 'the size of a buffalo's head'. Merope discovers Marks and Sparks and salt 'n' vinegar crisps. And Eyebee is taking pleasure in Shredded Wheat.

1. My aunt says: "Do you want to go to Hobbycraft?" as if she is suggesting a guilty pleasure to us.

2. More birch trees -- their top branches have been smeared by an artist's finger covered in burgundy pastel across a landscape of fawn and khaki.

3. I come home to Nick, and we hug each other so tightly. It was our first night apart since the wedding.