Thursday, January 14, 2010

More snow, no trains and an odd pair.

1. New snow has fallen in the night. It looks curiously like mould.

2. Just before 10am, my Twitter screen is full of sad lines about trains stuck just outside Tunbridge Wells. I really feel for Nick, who I reckon is stuck on one of them. Then, I hear the door go, and his "Hallo!"

3. When we go to see the butcher about supper, he says: "Am I feeding two nuns, or two navies?" We decide on one of each. What a strange dinner party that would be.

4. Chatting to my mother on the phone, she says: "Your father has just come in saying that the icicles have fallen off the gutter on to the bench, right where he would have been sitting had it been a warm summer evening. He could have been skewered right through his gin and tonic."