Friday, January 15, 2010

The rain in Tunbridge Wells, truffles and red pepper.

The podcast is up.

1. The soft whispering rush of torrential rain is a welcome sound when we open the front door. It is washing away the snow and melting the ice.

2. A box of truffles arrives from Artisan du Chocolate -- I am writing a feature about them. I eat four (they pop so satisfyingly) because they are delicious (complex flavours in the shells, and a silky filling flavoured with a local wine), and I want to work out exactly how to describe the experience.

3. Abel and Cole has sent us a beautiful red pepper. It is shaped like the nose of a Venetian mask, and its glossy skin shades between red and green. I look at the places between the colours and try to understand where the red ends and the green begins.