Saturday, April 09, 2011

Proud in purple, six degrees and size matters not.

1. Two days ago, when the wisteria buds were just green grey tassels, my aunt said it was going to be good this year. I think pride has swelled the buds, because now purple petals are starting to show.

2. To meet a new person and discover that she knows people who have known me since I was smaller than Alec. The mother hosting today's coffee morning works where my mother used to work.

3. She looks down at Alec and says: "Oh, he's big!" and I am very gratified, even when I discover that she is comparing him to her daughter who is a full month younger. Alec is growing very satisfactorily and to my mind he's the perfect size; but he's the smallest of all the babies in our NCT group and people often pick him up and remark upon his lightness.