Friday, April 15, 2011

As bad as each other, re-use and rhubarb.

1. I can hear the Mother and Alec giggling upstairs. She brings him down and hands him to me. "I think he's  filled his nappy. I didn't want to look in case it was messy. He's been rolling around." Alec smiles innocently.

2. The mother pulls some little bags out of our bin to hold some summer bulbs she has brought me. She looks at the labels and remarks that we've been eating a lot of chocolate -- "There are four in here." I tell her that she doesn't know how long since we last emptied the bin. Oddly, I used the plastic inner trays as drainage crocks in my new salad planter.

3. Pink spring rhubarb, baked sticky and sweet, with a little yoghurt. I like the ker-crunch sound when I chop the raw stems.