Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pug, puree and lilac time.

1. A pug, pink tongue flapping, trots beside a lady, stately as a galleon, riding a mobility scooter.

2. "Can Alec try some?" The health visitor seems surprised that someone at a weaning class might want to give her baby the purées we've been sampling. He takes the spoon from me and smears spinach, potato and cauliflower in his hair, across his bib and on my trousers. "It's more about socialising and getting used to textures," says the health visitor to encourage us. Later, I find a green crust behind his ear.

3. Those lilac leaves look so cool and calm. The flowers look kind, too -- like an elderly spinster who seems fluffy and a bit daft, but can be relied upon in an emergency. "Oh my dear, I always carry a screw driver in my handbag."