Friday, April 01, 2011

Invitation, spectacle and spring.

I've been really enjoying the comments recently -- thank you so much. And to everyone who has expressed worry about the late-night posting, it's all normal. Right before I get ready for bed, I feed Alec until he falls asleep. Then once I'm in bed myself, all clean and sweet, I bash out a post. Alec in his basket next to me now, hands behind his head and making sucking faces -- I imagine he's dreaming about the next feed. Nick is on the other side of me, reading about the French fleet in World War II.

1a. "What's your name?" I look around, and then down -- a tiny girl waiting for her mother to finish chatting has started a conversation of her own. "I'm Clare," I say. "And what's your baby's name?" I bend down (I'm wearing the sling) to give her a look at my sleeping boy. "He's called Alec." She stands on tiptoes and looks in, and then very softly, kisses him.

1. After yoga: "We're going for coffee, want to come?" "I can't, I've got to... yes, yes I would very much."

2. New glasses -- oh my gosh, the world is in high definition again.

2b. As I am leaving the shop, I nearly walk into volunteer coming out of the back room. She smiles, and then points to Alec (still asleep). I turn down my coat collar to give her a better look. She smiles even more, and mouths "Well done!"

3. I think the park is holding a deep breath. The buds on the beech tree look fit to burst.