Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ferret, just to let you know and cherry blossom.

1. I dash out for a brief errand -- and on the way home, on the High Street, I see a lady carrying a ferret. I'm awfully glad I went out.

2. I feed Alec, and then put him over my shoulder. The bus slows, and a woman says "Excuse me, you've got something down your back... I've got a tissue, but this is my stop." I'm wearing a navy blue coat, so I'm very grateful she spoke up. Luckily, I have a muslin -- actually, I have three.

3. Every so often a parent will leap up to follow the one-year-olds who are tottering and crawling out of the hall door and into the yard where palest pink cherry blossom falls.

4. I lay Alec on the grass and he scrunches his eyes shut against the vast bright sky. He smiles as if something is tickling him