Monday, April 25, 2011

Taking over, purple and shade.

1. Alec seems most affected by his cold at night, so the small hour feeds have been long and I've been sleeping badly sitting upright with a hot baby propped on my chest. I reply sharply when Nick wakes up and complains of being tired. "Shall I take him?" asks Nick, and carries the baby (who really wants to play, not be fed into a stupor while his mother dozes) off downstairs. I sink back into the pillows and sleep for more than an hour.

2. We've been enjoying our wisteria for about three weeks now. The scent lies (I think it's like fresh corn on the cob) in our yard, and as the day goes on creeps in towards the front of the house. (Pictures by Nick Law)

3. Our back wall casts a cave-cool shade, just large enough for the two of us to sit and eat our lunch with Alec sleeping on his sheepskin.