Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Clap hands, secret cupboard and meeting the train.

1. Last week, while I was working I was vaguely aware of my mother telling Alec "Clap hands, here comes Charlie." I didn't really think about what it meant -- until I noticed that he's clapping. If you've never spent time with a baby, you probably won't appreciate that. But he used to wave his arms around, and bring them together stiffly. Sometimes his hands would meet, sometimes not. Now he's deliberately clapping -- and looking very proud of himself. And if you clap back to him, oh my goodness, the joy!

2. She says that to amuse her husband's nephews last summer, she pretended to get texts from the Ministry of Magic to say that there were chocolate coins in the secret cupboard.

3. Supper is finished early, so we go to the station and meet Nick off the train.