Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time apart, appreciation and re-united.

1. The fact that I am going to be away today (though I'm coming home for lunch) makes me appreciate the morning time with Alec. While he has his early feed, I tell him that Granny Nane will be looking after him today. I tell him again at breakfast. I think it sinks in -- he seems very pleased to see her when she arrives.

2. We all get an email thanking us for good work.

3. When I get in at lunch time Alec wants a feed right away. My mother makes me a sandwich which I eat over Alec as he lies across my lap. At the end of the day, she brings a cup of tea into the sitting room where I am sitting under Alec once again. I am glad she is there to look after Alec, and I'm glad she is there to look after me.

3b. He has taken to sitting upright with his legs around my waist. We can look into each others eyes, but he never stays there for long, because he keeps smiling and losing his latch.