Saturday, August 13, 2011

Routine, green pea and got it.

1. The garden gate clangs. Alec lifts his head and looks expectantly at the door. I wonder if he thinks Nick is home? It's only the postman, though.

2. Pea and mint purée -- it's so delicious, fresh and green that I have some too.

3. I pick up my sewing, which I've hardly touched since Alec came along. I'm on the wisteria section, and there's a lot of stem stitch. I've never got the hang of it, and I think that might be why I've been so unwilling to proceed. I'm looking at it despondently when I remember a box about stem stitch in my beautiful 19th Century Embroidery Techniques. I bring the book down (it's been up by my bed for evening reading), and this explanation finally nails the technique for me. Stem stitch is a real fundamental, and just about every embroidery book includes it, and many kits that I've used as well -- but it's never clicked. It's happened before with other techniques, too. Isn't that the perfect excuse to build a library?