Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Pattering, I'll do it and strawberry.

1. During breakfast, I am startled by a pattering noise. Oh god, oh god, the ceiling is leaking, we're going to be flooded. No, my mistake -- Alec has turned his cup upside down and is listening to the falling water.

2. Alec is chumbling a piece of carrot round his mouth at the end of supper. It's not going anywhere, and it's not getting any smaller. "Let mummy get that for..." he clamps his mouth tight shut. "You really don't want..." he turns his head away and reaches for his cup. A quick slurp of water, and the carrot is gone.

3. Our first strawberry -- looks perfect hanging like a red lantern among shade-cool green leaves. Tastes a bit... disappointing. But it was our own.