Monday, August 15, 2011

White cat, it hurt and a small pleasure.

1. A pretty little white cat in a pink collar is waiting by the back door. "You can't come in," says Grandad -- but I think he wishes he could invite her in for a visit.

2. Nana tells me that she turned her foot on the way to the shop. "It hurt," she said, and I'm about to be sympathetic when she continues: "and that must mean the feeling is coming back." This time last year she was in hospital with Guillain Barre, so we are very pleased for her.

2. Grandad has been telling us how he cleans the kitchen floor every day. Alec shows his approval by lolling over on to his tummy and licking the tiles.

3. "Bye bye, darlin," says Grandad peering into Alec's sling. Grandad is a curmudgeonly sort, much troubled by a sad old world, and I am so pleased and proud to have brought a thing to delight him, and a thing that I have made as well.