Friday, August 26, 2011

Hallo, pretend money and bookcrossing.

Sarah Salway has posted a 3BT-style diary of her travels in Vancouver, in which she doesn't burn down Canada.

1. Alec has a day of people making a fuss of him. I've got errands in various offices -- a visiting baby always breaks up the work a bit; but also people in the street smile and wave at him, or come up to say how happy he looks.

2. A knot of very tiny children are blocking the gate into the park. "You've got to pay to get in," they tell me. I explain that I've spent all my money on sweets. "Pretend money," they say. Luckily I have lots of that, so I pay for myself and for Alec, and for several people behind me, with crisp pretend £50 notes.

3. My aunt has been trying bookcrossing as part of her 60th birthday challenge. Someone has commented on her blog to say that they found one of her books. How lucky is that -- I've crossed lots of books and not a single person has reported a 'find'.