Monday, May 13, 2013

Deciphered, resting and a tin of biscuits.

1. I think I might have deciphered the snack-time tantrums. For the last few weeks he has come downstairs after his nap, asked for a snack and then had a melt-down when I gave him something. I thought I was giving the wrong snack, so offered a choice. Then I thought that the choice must be too much to handle so offered a limited choice. Then I resorted to "This is the snack and if you don't want it you're not hungry." This seems mean and he still has a shout about it, but at least the snack doesn't get thrown across the room.
Today I put his biscuit on the corner of the table and sat down (trying to rest as much as possible, see below).
He flung himself down on the floor, opened his mouth for a howl and then stopped. "Snack on your knee?"
He came up and ate his biscuit happy as you like. Was that really it? Perhaps it's not about the snack at all, he just wants a cuddle and a chance to re-connect.

2. I've been coming over all faint -- normal during pregnancy -- and the only relief comes from lying on my side for half an hour. Luckily my e-book can access BBC i-Player, so I've been catching up on a bit of TV while I wait.

3. The recipe makes 24 biscuits, which makes for a very full tin.