Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little clothes, emergency and forgiven.

1. I find the bag of newborn clothes and sort through them ready for Little Tiny Baby. Many of them were gifts and pulling out these beautiful tiny garments is like receiving them all over again.

2. Nick and Alec pretending the pushchair is an emergency vehicle. Nick is doing the siren and Alec is steering, manfully keeping up with Nick's erratic path. Alec has such a fine broad smile on his face and I feel sad that it's been so long since I could comfortably run with the pushchair.

3. As a prize for bravery on the escalator I let Alec choose himself a sweetie in M&S. When we get to the park we discover that it was forgotten at the till. He takes the news serenely and agrees to accept a substitute from the corner shop. When we apologise once again, he pauses, searching for the right social phrase, and then says, "You're welcome."