Sunday, May 12, 2013

Timings, tunes and earwax.

1. Nick and Alec come back from the butchers very proud that they remembered to ask about timings for cooking the joint.

2. Alec is not happy about waiting for his lunch, but it's marvellous the way a bit of music calms and distracts him. I have a playlist for him -- a non-sweary round-up from my own favourites list, some songs that I sing to him and a few children's tunes that don't set our teeth on edge. Today he is particularly curious about and delighted by 'What a Wonderful World'. "What dis, Daddy?"

3. Alec informs me that his earwax tastes good. He makes a great show of digging in his ears, offering me some and then licking his fingers. His face when he actually gets a taste tells a very different story.