Sunday, May 19, 2013

Treasure, not a mummy and lemon curd.

1. Nana has sent Nick and Alec home with a treasure for Alec's cabinet of curiosities. It's a pebble full of holes that she found on a beach when she was eight. I hope we can look after it with the same care.

2. To spend a bit of time wandering round the food festival not being a mummy (I've left Alec and Nick asleep at home). Katie laughs at me because I've been walking with (not so) Baby Loey. But helping with someone else's child is totally different to wrangling and worrying about your own. And Chloe is small enough that I can pick her up and remove her from trouble; and though her walking is very good, she can't yet run as fast as Alec.

3. The jar of lemon and vanilla curd from Gill Wing Farm is a revelation -- I can taste both flavours quite distinctly (their brownie and their honey and rum cake are not half bad either).