Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help, joke and making up.

1. When a visitor who is playing with Alec asks if they can do anything to help me with lunch I always think it funny that they don't realise they are already doing the most useful and valuable thing they could possibly be doing.

2. We manage to stumble on a slightly smutty political joke (it's complicated and wouldn't translate well to anyone who hadn't been with us and having our conversation). We laugh slightly nervously, and then we laugh properly.

3. There are evenings when I am driven mad by impatience at nursing Alec off to sleep. Tonight was one of those nights that make up for it. He was wriggling and thrashing and pulled himself off. I yelped and told him crossly that I wasn't going to let him have any more bub if he was going to hurt me. "What can you do to make me feel better?" (I was thinking of a quick re-cap of our rules -- lie still, nice big mouth and be gentle).
Instead he patted my cheek and said "Sorry, Mummy," in a voice full of contrition.
A bit later he unlatched and squirmed himself upwards. By way of explanation: "I'm just loving you." And he buried his face in my hair and sniffed loudly a few times.