Thursday, March 23, 2006

Art, hills on either side, treat and forbidden pleasures.

1. We have been illustrating further scenes from truck life. A lot of people have joined in unexpectedly. I like Craig’s rendition of an elephant treading on Elaine and Julie’s tent, Rob’s picture of Bob getting a red card and Rosey’s picture of Rob getting into the wrong tent.

Since time of writing, Craig contributed again -- the elephant stealing our supper at Ngorongoro. Louise illustrated the joys of skydiving and Francis drew The ‘movement of jah people’ leaving him behind at the South African border. See them all at Scenes from Truck Life.

2.Driving down a long narrowish valley with a flat floor. I can’t say why this sort of road is pleasing -- perhaps it’s the slightly closed in feeling; or the thought that there is no doubt about where we are supposed to be going.

3. Wayne, Anne and Francis dropped us off at the far viewpoint of Fish River Canyon and suggested firmly that we might life to walk back to the next viewpoint where they would be waiting with the truck. When we got there, we found that they had set out wine and nibbles -- real deli food with salty crisps and biscuits and real blue cheese and gherkins.

4. Feeding starlings on crumbs. They stood on the barrier gaping their beaks like nestlings and landed for a moment on my fingers to snatch the crumbs from my palm. One took a big piece over the barrier and bashed it to crumbs on a rock.

5. There is a sign on the canyon that says: ‘No day or leisure hikes into the canyon’. It made me want to set out then and there.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia