Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cobalt, dice spots, family life, recovery and beasts in the night.

1. Male vervet monkeys have bright blue balls. I’d never noticed before and nearly fell off my chair in surprise as one walked past.

2. A purply brown butterfly with big white spots on its wings.

3. The group has become a bit like a family in the way we care for each other. After lunch I trip on a tentpeg and graze my knee. Within moments it has been sprayed with Detol and I am surrounded by people offering sterile wipes, plasters and comfort.

4. Wayne has thrown off the worst of his malaria. He is back among us, still sweating a bit and rather smaller, but much more cheerful. For the last few days we have had reports from Anne -- ‘I went in the room and my glasses steamed up.’ And ‘Last night he was complaining that his ears filled with sweat.’ He is still a bit sorry for himself, so we are trying to keep him from working too hard. Anne has been coping with four new passengers as well as a sick boyfriend, so it’s a relief to see the pressure off her, too.

5. Sitting in a waterside bar and hearing crocodiles snapping in the dark.

Livingstone, Zambia to Chobe National Park, Botswana