Sunday, March 05, 2006

Half the work, fisherman, quizzes and loud.

1. Wayne contributes: ‘Having two drivers means you don’t have to take risks like driving with malaria.’

2. A pied kingfisher with a beakful of fish. They are a bit disreputable-looking -- English kingfishers are definitely more exciting to look at, although you can have a proper look at pied kingfishers because they sit posing on trees. All you ever see of ours is a flash of blue and orange.
3. Three lady travellers got chatting to us in the hotel bar. They tested us fiercely on the national animals, flowers and birds of each country we had visited.

4. Fat Canadians. These were two more lady travellers and they were on a game cruise with us. They wore big round hats and shorts and had any number of cameras and binoculars round their necks. They shouted: ‘Hippos fighting at 10 o’clock and we all crowded round to the side of the boat to see.

Chobe, Botswana