Friday, March 03, 2006

Spill, brave girl, hold on and bundle.

1. Rosey and I went white water rafting on the mighty Zambezi. On our first grade four rapid (The Mother) Rosey and I were thrown out. On the video, the raft disappears behind a wall of water and when it appears again, there are two less people on board. You can see Malvin, our guide, standing in the back brandishing his paddle in a triumphant manner. It was only then that I began to suspect that white water rafting involves a certain amount of theatricals.

2. We pulled Elaine into the raft after she got stuck under her kyack. 'Are you all right?' 'No'. 'What happened?' Shake of the head. 'Are you all right?' 'No.' Her face was grey and her lip was trembling. 'Are you going to get back in?' Pause. 'Yes.' And we all cheered.

3. Meeting the rescue canoe after swallowing a lot of river. You cling on to the front with your arms and legs and wait for a raft to come close enough to board.

4. We lost a paddle, so we snatched one from another raft. Their guide jumped on board to get it back and three people jumped on him, after a moment of struggling, they all ended up in the river.

5. Getting trapped under the raft is really very scary indeed, but the moment that I got out into the sunshine again was wonderful. I also love the way I was terrifed at the time but looking back find it hysterically funny.