Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Glop, jewels and changer.

1. Golden syrup on pancakes.

2. The waterlily necklaces made for us by our polers. They pulled out the flowers with long stalks, which they snapped at intervals and then very carefully peeled bits of stalk off the outer skin, first one side, then the other. We hung the lilies round our necks, the wet stalks cool against our skin. Every so often on the journey to the houseboat I would smell the flower. I can remember that it felt damp, and I can remember that the stalk got limper and limper. I can remember Francis saying I should be going to a wedding and that the flower would keep better in the fridge. I can remember finally dropping the necklace off the top deck of the houseboat, making Anne jump; but I can’t recall the scent of that waterlily. (Picture by Rosey Grant)

3. Finding a chameleon in the road. It was bright yellow with big green splodges and was strolling across a dusty road as if it owned the place. Elaine loves chameleons, so we summoned her over to admire him. And then a whole crowd gathered round, following it over the road. A 4x4 was coming and we tried to make it drive round, but it rudely hooted us out of the way. We scattered and when it passed, regrouped. The chameleon was fine, but he was now mostly green.

Okavango Delta, Botswana