Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dead lake, squirrels and our leopard.

1. The view over Etosha Salt Pan. It’s a dried out lake. It looks as if someone decided that nothing would be allowed to live here and rubbed everything out. The bright white mud stretches away to the horizon. The ground and the air are both crackly with salt. In the distance there are some islands, but the heat makes the air buzz so they look like they are floating.

2. Ground squirrels popping in and out of their hole. They meercat on their back legs then drop down to nibble a grass stalk or tickle their babies. (Picture by Rosey Grant)

2. Our leopard. Another evening game drive had been washed out. We were heading home, sides battened down and the world blurring in the rain. Suddenly the truck stops. Francis has spotted two kills. There is one lying under a tree and another up in the branches. It’s got to be a leopard. We sit still hardly daring to breathe, peering under the sides out into the rain. A flash of spotty fur. ‘There it is, there, under that fifth tree, just a little back, follow my finger. There. See it?’ ‘Ohhh.’

Etosha, Namibia