Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hunting in the air, purr and shopping.

1. After a rainy night we unrolled the tarpaulin sides on the truck. Moths flew out and immediately the scruffy sparrows that had been fighting over our toast crumbs leapt into action, going after them like fighter planes. We've seen several predators with their noses in kills, but no hunting action -- the sparrow flyby sort of made up for it...

2. Scratching a cheetah behind the ears. At Otjitotongwe Cheetah Farm, they keep three as house pets, and being scratched makes them purr. Later we watched the farm's 'wild' cheetahs being fed. One of them hid her piece and tried to pretend she hadn't been fed yet.

3. Buying clothes while drinking. The campsite bar sells cheetah gear to help feed the cats, so we stocked up on tee-shirts and caps while we could. We found that buying with a bottle of Hanza beer in your hand makes you a lot more bold in your choices.