Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bowl of cherries, agreement and connected.

1. On my way home from my parents' on a Monday morning, I would use the wait at Tonbridge Station to pick up some breakfast -- a coffee and a just-baked cherry scone. This would cost about £1.50. Then they changed to cafe to some poncey bloody coffee shop that sold coffee for £1.65 and offered pre-packed muffins and leathery pastries. Yesterday, the coffee was still expensive, but they had fresh-baked cherry scones. So fresh that the lady had get me one from the oven.

2. He-who-shall-not-be-named and I argue a lot -- mainly these days about the heat. I really feel the cold and he really feels the heat, which leads to some interesting... conversations in the office. Yesterday, for the first time, I felt properly hot.

3. Getting my laptop back.