Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Conductor, milking time and tall pots.

1. My favourite train guard, spotting my map, quizzed me about what I was up to. I explained that I was planning to take the footpaths from Wadhurst station to work. We chatted for a while about the countryside, and he told me that what he really likes is coastline. His job gives him a free train pass, and he said he uses it travel to all sorts of places. 'Shoreham -- people never think of going to Shoreham. What's there?' he went on to explain that there was a fine beach, some sea locks and that he liked to watch the deep sea trawlers going past. I have chatted to him before, and he strikes me as a natural 3BTer.

2. I walk through a farm -- the front doors of the houses are open, but there is no sign of life (apart from a dog that cannons into my legs) until I come to the cow yard, where there is a great mooing and commotion. It must be milking time. Cats are everywhere -- a biggish kitten races over and then feints back, and a tabby with a stumpy tail.

3. Catching sight of some fine Tudor brick chimneys. The Tudors really knew a thing or two about chimneys, making them very tall and lavishly decorated.