Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pudding, travel plans and florals.

1. Sharing a pudding, because you get the taste without having to eat the whole thing.

2. Not being a driver, I sometimes have to be a bit creative in my travel plans -- there are often ways of getting about that don't follow roads. I realised that a colleague's journey home takes her near the back of the forest where my parents live, so I cadged a lift and got myself dropped off. I met Rosey for a fine stroll through the pine woods full of low sun and wildflowers and bracken smells. The Mother met us on the road too, and Daddy walked the last part with us.

3. Fresh flowers in my bedroom. There is a pale pink rose and some deep purple clematis. Rosey has some flowers to -- sweetpeas; and there is a white jug of orange marigolds on the kitchen table.