Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ices, variety and idlers.

1. Mini-Milk ice lollies. They are tiny, cheap and very delicious, a bit like condensed milk. Plus, by some miracle, they are only 29 calories.

2. Variety performances -- short sketches are great because I don't have to concentrate for too long; and if I don't enjoy something, I know I'm not stuck there for a whole two hours. We went to Trinity Theatre Club's Gala, and it was tremendous fun. I liked the father and son watching Hamlet as if it were a football match; and I liked Romeo making his 'Soft what light from yonder window' speech to Lady Macbeth. After the interval, a band came on and the audience scrambled out of their seats and joined them on the stage.

3. Sitting chatting about nothing in particular in the bar at Trinity while the clearing up goes on around us.