Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Scented day, postcard and pass it on.

1. Walking into work, Oli remarked that he could feel the pollen in the air. There was a certain sweet smell in the car park, and the lime tree just outside was buzzing with flies and bees. In the evening walking across town, I passed a garden that wafted the scent of buddleja, and the park was full of lavender.

2. I've been joining in at Postcrossing and today I got a card from a lady in Japan. I asked for Three Beautiful Things and she has shared:

  • The letter reached...
  • The flower of the veranda bloomed.
  • One problem of the work decreased.

Each one is illustrated with a little picture, and the rest of the card contains the same poetic English. Plus there are two gorgeous stamps -- one of a Geisha and one of cartoon rabbit postman.

3. Through the magic of Freecyle, I now have a sliderule. There are some good people out there.