Friday, July 07, 2006

Re-use, free food and tunes.

1. Using things twice at work. We use a lot of paper because there is nothing like a paper proof for editing. However, we save the pages and print on the back too. Once a page has been used twice, it goes in a box to be recycled -- since they don't pick up our paper here, He-who-shall-not-be-named takes the box to the recycling centre once it is full. Another thing we re-use is coffee -- the grounds go in a box in the kitchen and are taken home by Ellen. She uses them to frighten slugs in her garden.

2. A catering accident that left us with two huges dishes of sandwiches to share round the office.

3. Two songs on the White Stripes album White Blood Cells -- I am specially enjoying Hotel Yorba, which I think must be about a musician deciding he's had enough of being shoved around by his public; and We're going to be friends -- a cheery little picture of school life. I like them because they stand out among the discordant punk-rock tracks.