Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Up, out and missed.

1. I turn round and my heart leaps into my mouth: Bettany is halfway up the stairs.

2. ...And we're out of the door and we can stop snapping at each other. We're heading to the bus stop for a family outing to the fun day at a park across town.

3. "I feel like I missed it because I was recording it," I tell Nick sadly. Alec has just had a donkey ride. I am glad I have the video and the pictures, of course, but this is a good reminder of why I do Three Beautiful Things.

4. We buy ice creams on the way home -- ice creams for me, Nick and Alec, anyway. Bettany makes a ferocious fuss because she doesn't have one. I am glad she can speak up for herself; and I am glad she is so aware of what's going on around her. She has licks and tastes of everyone's, including Nick's blingy silver Marc de Champagne Magnum.