Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nursery work, Dar-Alec and spoons.

1. To add a couple more touches to the nursery, and to hear the children laughing with Godfather Timothy while I do it.

2. Alec wanders in with the washing basket on his head. 'A Dar-Alec!' says Tim. I jab an old whisk and the bottle brush through the weave to complete the look.

3. The other day I was reading about a thing called the Spoon Theory. It's not really a theory, more an illustration, created by Christine Miserandino, which people with long-term conditions can use to help people without long-term conditions to understand their life. It's well written, rather moving and worth a read here. Briefly, anyone with an LTC has limited energy to deal with day-to-day stuff and Miserandino uses the idea that she has a number of spoons available each day that get used up as she dresses, eats, gets herself to work etc etc.
Anyway, as Tim was leaving we talked about our plans for the rest of the day. He said it was his naptime, and added without even a trace of self-pity that today would wipe him out for the rest of the week. I know he has fun hanging out in Alec's crazy little world, but I thought it was bloody amazing that he would use up a week's worth of spoons to give me time to hang pictures in the nursery and pick up a few of Nick's evening housework chores.