Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cutting out, swings and sleep time.

1. Alec insists on cutting the page out himself. I am about to counter-insist to avoid spoiling the game board we are putting together, but I stop myself just in time. He does a workmanlike job, rough but mostly accurate and I am astonished by the improvement in his scissor skills, and also by the possibilities it opens up.

2. Pushing my two in the swings. Alec is laughing and Bettany is showing her single dimple and shouting "Ha-DAH! Ha-DAH!"

3. I normally settle Bettany off to sleep downstairs and take her up when I go to bed -- but tonight I'm tired so I take her into the dark bedroom. Bettany immediately crawls across the Mummy bed and looks down at her shaggy-headed brother asleep in the big boy bed. She leans down to pat him. I catch her up, pull her back to the bub and tell her that it's not playtime. She doesn't believe me and escapes again, determined to make him jump up and amuse her.