Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sleeper, care and languages.

1. Bettany takes sleep in great long draughts on Alec's nursery day. She wakes for a late lunch but is soon asking for sleep again.

2. I treat the care my shoulder needs like a terrible chore. I saw a description of physio recently that said, pretty much, 'That thing that hurts, do it lots.' One of the exercises I should do daily is to lie on a foam roll until the muscles across my shoulders relax. The stretch is very uncomfortable while in progress but afterwards I feel better; and I feel as if I've taken back control.

3. We walk home from nursery with a little girl who speaks, I think, Mandarin with her mother. Alec is very much interested and tells her 'You speak two languages and I speak one.' When our ways part he asks me loudly 'Is that way China?' I meet the other mother's eyes apologetically and she smiles.