Friday, May 30, 2014

World of finance, escape and nap.

1. Nick took the children to open bank accounts. He comes back saying that they made the bank grind to a halt. Bettany escaped, set off crawling down a corridor and had to be retrieved by a passing clerk; and Alec had to be lifted up to the counter to pay in his £2, coin by coin.

2. We thrust our children into nursery and scamper out into the sunshine. We stroll hand-in-hand like a respectable middle class couple; but inside we are jinking and stotting like a pair of lambs just out of the barn.

3. We have a lot to get on with this afternoon so we set the tick-tock going and have a twenty-minute nap in the big bed before we begin. It is by far the most delicious and luxurious thing we do all day.