Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cowslips, Chat and post.

1. Cowslips are growing on the common. They are a much braver yellow than primroses, and rarer, too, although they are getting more common. I remember reading about them in children's books and thinking they were mythical like unicorns. Someone has been on a cowslip conserving mission, though, and you often see drifts of them on motorway banks.

2. Those really scurrilous women's mags full of stories like 'My mate's husband ripped my son's head off for sitting in the dog's chair' and 'My baby looks like a frog' and 'He's my neighbour's youngest son, but we will be together'. If it involves crime, love, betrayal and a medical procedure, it's there.

3. A little pile of letters, in neatly stamped and addressed evelopes, ready for the post box tomorrow on the way to work.