Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Flying solo, steam and new paper.

1. Seeing an ugly couple bickering in ugly voices about pinching each other. I felt a great swoop of joy because I am all alone in the world.

2. When the hot water doesn't run out just as you put conditioner in your hair. And when it is actually hot water, not just cold water and imagination.

3. Writing on the last page of a notebook. I am sorry to say goodbye to my Jordi Labanda lady, but the thought of starting the jumbo A5 pad from Woolworth makes up for it. My cousin gave me this book two Christmases ago, and ever since it has been sitting in my notebook stash waiting. Last thing at night, I get it out ready for the morning. It has a translucent plastic cover, which means I can put it down in puddles of coffee whenever I like. It has a red elastic strap so it won't fly open at awkward moments, and this strap is embellished by three fat clear plastic rainbow striped beads, which are almost more exciting than the writing I plan to do.