Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Multi-media, gardening and needles.

1. Books written in a mixture of diary, letter and novel. I am reading Possession by A.S. Byatt, which is an academic romance thriller. The story of two damaged and disaffected modern academics weaves in and out of a love affair between two Victorian poets.

2. Harvesting the cress that we grew ourselves on the office window sill.

3. I'm embroidery a present for one of my friends, and frankly, it's a bloody nuisance. The fabric is raw silk - woven blue one way and white the other. It makes my eyes go funny. And the the threads are enormously thick and take real effort to sew. Also, the item in question is part made-up in a way that makes some of the embroidery awkward to do. But my friend - who shall not be named so as not to spoil the surprise - has the sort of eyes that go magic colours depending on what she is wearing, particularly bluey-greens. It is this thought that keeps me going.