Monday, April 25, 2005

Little madam, exultation and mystery veggies.

1. A father and two very blonde daughters came to our stall at the boot fair. The big one must have been about nine and was dressed in an icecream pink poncho with matching skirt and books. The little one was about seven and very skinny with flossy, tangled hair. She was wearing jeans, a pink frilly top and a knitted jacket the colour of 1970s orange squash. She came right up to the 10p corner. 'You should put this' (a plastic Kinder Egg goldfish) 'in this.' (A round glass tealight holder that did look a little like a fish bowl.) As they walked off, her sister clung closer to her dad. 'Are you cold? You could always borrow my jacket,' said the little sister with an enormous, naughty smile. I thought they must have been teasing her about that jacket earlier.

2. Sky larks hovering above the boot fair field. They become a little less beautiful when you realise that their song is not paen to the wonderousness of creation viewed from above. It's better translated as 'Geddorf geddorf geddorf my laaaaaaahnd.'

3. One of the stalls at the farmers' market sold strange salad greens. In the interests of science, I bought some texel and some turnip tops. Turnip tops are quite sharp and hot. Texel is a bit more subtle. I wonder if it will be the Next Big Thing - like rocket, or lollo rosso?