Saturday, April 30, 2005

Granny, bubbles and working relationship.

1. As I prepared my lunchbox and breakfast my thoughts turned to my forefathers and to ancestor worship - did I ever mention that my great grandfather was an admiral? At that moment, one of the Beanie cats that I inherited from my grandmother flopped off the CD rack where it has been lounging for the last three months. Yes, all right - foreMOTHERS, too. Thank heavens she didn't choose to communicate through the Wedgewood dinner service.

2. Ed and I both like the froth on top of cafetiere coffee, so it has to be carefully shared out when pouring. Although I sort of wish I hadn't mentioned it so I could have it all to myself, it's nice to know that someone else enjoys the same out-of-the-way things that you like.

3. I have been going to the same beautician for about six years now. Strongly recommended, that. If you build up a good relationship with a professional - whatever service they are providing - you don't have feel funny about asking questions. And also, it avoids the annoying 'So where are you going on your holidays' questions. You can get straight to the interesting stuff about philosophy and books and Christmas Day Aga crises.